My photography

I've always enjoyed taking photographs. I think my first camera was a Kodak disk camera which I remember using on family holidays when I was about seven years old. (I wonder whatever happened to that camera?!)

In 2000-2001 I went backpacking around the world with some friends. I saw so many beautiful places and was amazed at what a wonderful world God has given us. It was whilst lying flat on my stomach on a small pontoon on the edge of Lake Matheson in New Zealand, trying to capture the reflection of Mount Cook in the water, then that I decided that I should learn how to take photos properly. I wanted to be able to do justice to these scenes by taking decent pictures of them. So when I returned from my trip I enrolled on a evening class at my local Art College and started buying photo magazines. My first SLR was a Minolta Dynax 5.

I made the switch to digital in 2008 and started using a Canon EOS 400D with a variety of lenses. I also have a passion for panoramic photos, triggered by visiting the galleries of Australian photographers Ken Duncan and Peter Lik, and invested in a Hasselblad XPAN II in 2004.

In May 2011 I visited Iceland as part of a group trip organised by Photo Adventures. It was on this trip that I learned about an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. This inexpensive app lets you choose a combination of different films and lenses to create a number of different post processing effects on your photos. I was amazed at how much fun, I and several other iPhone owners on the trip, had with this app. It was addictive and every scene had to be shot with both the expensive SLRs and the iPhone using Hipstamatic!